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     When we were in elementary school, St. Patrick’s Day was reserved for pinching. I’m not quite sure why we did this, but I think it was for the sheer joy of pinching someone. For me, St. Patrick’s day is now for making a cute fashion statement without looking like a leprechaun. Since green is a really strong color, keep in mind that you want to use it in moderation. For instance, you could go with a cute pair of green flats and an amazing green clutch, or wear a fabulous green skirt with muted accents. Here are some of my ideas.


 This shade of green is absolutely gorgeous. I would wear this with brown corduroy pants and a pretty cream blouse. Image

Look at this clutch! It has the perfect amount gold, and the shade is really pretty. I see this with a gold-ish blouse, a knee-length black pencil skirt, and pretty black pumps. Image

I am drooling over these flats. I am a avid flat-wearer, and I would spend a lot of money for these shoes. How do I see these being worn? Dark-washed cropped jeans, a coral blouse, and silver jewelry. 


After typing “green skirt” in the search engine, I was doubtful that I would find a perfect green skirt. I found one. This outfit is completely darling, and I intend on finding something similar to this very soon.


If you want to make major impact without using much effort, wear a pair of emerald studs. Put your hair up into a messy-bun, wing your liner, wear pink lip gloss, and stick these in your lobes. Voila! 


If you plan on painting your nails, do them a dark emerald. It is rich in color and looks really pretty when you stare at your thumbs while texting. 

I hope that everyone has a fabulous St. Patricks’s day, and don’t forget that you can look super cute without looking like you tried too hard to be festive. 




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