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Brought to my attention by a reader, sometimes leather shoes don’t always fit properly, and you don’t always have time to return them. So I’ll let you in on a few secrets me and my mommy use.

Way 1. Fill a ziplock bag full of water and stick it in your shoe, then put the whole shoe in the freezer. The expansion of the water turning into ice might stretch the leather.

Way 2. Moisten newspaper and then put it in the shoe. You have to pack it in really tight and leave it in overnight,[haha rhyme] so that the paper will expand as it dries.

Way 3. Although many probably want to avoid this, another option is to walk around your house with multiple layers of thick socks. Doing this will break the shoes in, and make it much more comfortable to wear.

Way 4. If you don’t want to perform any of the previous steps, you can always buy a shoe stretcher online. The results will most likely be the same, but some people may prefer the stretcher instead.

That would be a shoe stretcher.Boots with feathers…? A yes or a no?


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