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There are so many ways to wear and tie your scarves, from wearing them on your head to tying them on your purse. Here are some different ways.




Way 1- Tie your scarf in a knot. This is extremely simple.

Way 2-Wear your scarf as a tie.

Way 3-Wear your scarf  as a headband

Way 4- Tie a knot at each end of the scarf, and just drape it over your neck, untied.

Way 5- Wrap the scarf around your neck…simple…I know.

Way 6- If the scarf is silk, then wrap it around your neck multiple times.

Way 7- Just google “Different ways to wear a scarf”. It would probably go into more detail than me.

Happy Monday!




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If you were to raid my closet, you would find about 15 different scarves. I love scarves. I went through this phase where I bought only solid color blouses and wore printed scarves. I also have a few silk scarves. But I don’t think that scarves were only meant to go around your neck. Here are some different ways you can use silk and cloth scarves!

1. Tie a colorful silk scarf onto your purse to create a new look.
2. Secure a scarf to your ponytail to perk up your pony!
3. Wear a scarf as a belt! Instead of a belt, loop a scarf through your jeans for a cute way to add color.
4. A scarf? As a headband? Of course! It’s a sweet way to keep your hair out of your face.
5. Do you travel? A great way to keep warm in the air or on a train is a big, thin scarf. Being able to wrap it around your neck is a cool way to keep y
our hands free for a coffee, and being able to open it up to form a mini-blanket is very practical.
6. Tie a silk scarf around your neck in a loose knot to replace a necklace.
7. Use it as a cover-up at the beach!

Do you have any scarf ideas?


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