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I really do love instagram. I think it is so inspiring. Here is some of my photography, because I’m bored. Have fun, maybe follow me? IG-@jilliankalele






















































































So, there you go! I use my Canon EOS 30d on most of them.

Request my instacanvas gallery? http://instacanv.as/jilliankalele :)

Do you have an IG?


p.s. I am very upset that lucy maude left IG. I will miss her inspiration very much.


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Sew Cool :]

Let me start with this: I don’t like those new skirts that have the visible black elastic band. Personally, I think it looks totally sloppy and not put-together. With that being said, I am now totally into making my own skirts, since I find it hard to find pretty and full skirts without an elastic band. With the help of my mom, of course, AND my DIY dress form,  I have started to make my own skirts.  The best part is that it costs about a third of what other skirts cost! I just go into Joann’s and BOOM! there’s tons of fabric. It makes me wonder why more girls don’t do it, you know?  You won’t have to see some other girl walking around at school with the same skirt as you, and you have the ability to say, ” Thanks! I made it.” Believe me, VERY FEW teen girls these days have ever even walked into Joann’s willingly, much less touched a sewing machine. So go ahead and try it out! There are loads of different patterns and fabrics you can choose from. All you have to do is set your mind to it. :]

Did you read my DIY dress form post?



p.s. Thanks a bunch for reading this :]

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