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Leopard print: my new obsession. When I see leopard print, I envision a white blouse, red lipstick, winged liner, and a curly updo. This print is so classic, and when used properly, it can make a simple outfit absolutely glam.

I like that this scarf is really bulky, and the fact that her hair is up makes it perfect.

YSL scarf. Swoon.

I love these flats. The red accent is such a great idea! I would shrink the bow-ish-thing  down a couple sizes, but I love the concept.

There are so many gorgeous leopard print clutches an purses out there, but I decided to choose this Zara clutch. I really  like the proportions. (The placement of the flap, the button, etc.)

Is it totally lame that I put an umbrella on here? No. No it isn’t. I think that this would look really fab with a red trench and black jeans. Yeah.

What do you envision when you see leopard print?





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