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I washed my makeup brushes today. Here’s how I did it.

Step 1-Gather up all of your brushes. [blush, concealer, foundation, eyeshadow, the works.]

Step 2-Gather up a shampoo or face wash to use. Try to use one that lathers up really easily.

Step 3-One brush at a time, wash it with shampoo. Gently squeeze from root to tip several times.

Step 4-When your done washing them, rinse them off with warm water until the water turns clear. Make sure that you hold the bristles downward, so that the water

Step 5-After you’re done, place them flat on a towel. Do not place them upright.

Even though many of us never get to it, you should wash your brushes at least once a week. Especially your eyeliner brushes and foundation brushes, because they collect loads bacteria from your eyes and blemishes.

So, there you have it! I was pretty pleased with the outcome. I hope you are as well.

Happy Tuesday!




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I am a very big fan of mascara. Since my eyelashes are my favorite thing to play up, it only makes sense, right? Over the passed couple years, I have tried MANY different types of mascara, and I thought I would give some feedback on my favorites.My very first mascara ever, and also my all-time favorite mascara.  The brush makes your eyelashes look super lush and soft, as well as thickening them a load. 25$, Sephora stores.When I first bought this, it was sort of on a whim. I had money, and I wanted to spend it! [I bet you can relate…] So I saw this was on sale, and I was like heck yes! So I bought it, and I loved it! This, too, makes your lashes super lush, but it also defines them a little better. 8$, drugstores. I just recently bought this! Well, actually, my mum bought it for me. But still. Anyway, so if you are looking for very defined lashes, I think this is it. The brush gets skinnier as you get closer to the tip, so its super easy to get your corners of your eyes and  your bottom lashes. 9$, drugstores.I got this for my birthday, and it made me absolutely fall in love with Clinique.  This makes your eyelashes super dark, defined, and soft. Plus the tube is really pretty, so there’s another reason to buy it. 25$, department stores.Chances are, if you are a frequent Sephora shopper like me, you’ve seen this product quite a few times as your in line. For 9 dollars, you get two mini-mascaras, and for years, I looked at it, wondering if I should buy it.  When I finally bought it, I was so happy I did. You can wear both mascaras together for a dramatic look, or wear just one for two different looks. 9$, Sephora stores.

Do you have a favorite mascara? -xoxoxxxo-JM

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