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I am beginning to write random music lyrics. Not complete songs, just random stanzas. I thought I would share them with the world, and see if they’re any good.

“You held my heart in your greedy hand

You crushed it, turned to sand,

Please, release me from these invisible chains,

Let me rest from these aches and pains.”


“You were the hand that pulled me to my feet,

You were so strong, so real, so sweet,

Made me feel something I’d never felt before,

But it all stopped once you closed the door.”


“So now I sit here

and stitch up my broken heart,

You tore it right in half,

Pulled it all apart.”


“You were an emotional terrorist,

A con artist of the heart,

Threw at me your lying fist,

And watched me fall apart.”


“It was like running with scissors.,

And playing with matches,

I knew there was a sickness,

But I wouldn’t catch it.”


“I’ll just keep on breathing,

To make sure I’m alive,

I’ll just listen to my heart,

And breathe in before I take another dive.”


“I think about you all the time,

You fill my brain and flood my mind,

I can’t function, my eyes can’t see,

Anything but you and me.”

There’s some of them! Please, pretty please, don’t take them. I worked really hard on them. And If you do, please give me the credit. Thanks, Lovelies. :]

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A Love Letter of Sorts Dear Sara Bareilles, I’m not gonna write you a love song, but I might just be about to write you a love letter. I’ve always been hungry for words, a reader, a writer, a lyric aficionado.  I adore metaphors.  Counting Crows, for instance, they just kill me with the genius of the pictures they paint, the emotions they evoke with words.  Not a lot of artists can put their thumb into the hole in my heart and either make it throb almost unbearably or … Read More

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