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I really do love instagram. I think it is so inspiring. Here is some of my photography, because I’m bored. Have fun, maybe follow me? IG-@jilliankalele






















































































So, there you go! I use my Canon EOS 30d on most of them.

Request my instacanvas gallery? http://instacanv.as/jilliankalele :)

Do you have an IG?


p.s. I am very upset that lucy maude left IG. I will miss her inspiration very much.


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Right now, I am obsessing over studded shorts. Seeing them all over instagram makes the obsession even worse. Aren’t they just SO cute? I know that most of them were handmade, and I know you can buy them on etsy. I just thought I would share a load of cute pictures for others to drool over. 

I think the first pair below is entirely too short but still cute.

okay, so there. I plan on making a pair because I love them too much not to.

By the way, how have you guys been? I haven’t posted in months, school was hectic and summer has been very busy.

Do you like studded shorts? :)


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I just did a post on the things that really irritate me, so I figured I should balance it out with the things that I love.  Be nice.

1. The taste of saltwater. 2. Long road trips. 3. Neutral Colours. 4. Discovery Channel. 5. Red Tootsie Pops. 6. Cute little towns. 7. Thrift Stores. 8. Vintage Phones. 9. Lace. 10. Teal eyeliner. 11. Classic Rock. 12. My Ethnicity. 13. Trees. 14. Facebook. 15. Photography. 16. The color of the sky at Dawn. 17. Seventeen Magazine. 18. Love. 19. People that smile. 20. My mom. 21. My Schwinn Beach Cruiser. 22. Cleaning my room. 23. Hello Kitty. 24. Nail Polish. 25. Nail Files. 26. Project Runway. 27. Ribbon. 28. Handwritten letters. 29. Traveling. 30. Everybody who read this post.

What do you love?



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A Love Letter of Sorts Dear Sara Bareilles, I’m not gonna write you a love song, but I might just be about to write you a love letter. I’ve always been hungry for words, a reader, a writer, a lyric aficionado.  I adore metaphors.  Counting Crows, for instance, they just kill me with the genius of the pictures they paint, the emotions they evoke with words.  Not a lot of artists can put their thumb into the hole in my heart and either make it throb almost unbearably or … Read More

via The Ooh La La Life

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