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The number one thing that bothers me about lip gloss is that its sticky. Then your hair will blow all around and THEENN it gets stuck on your lips. And tickles your lips. Then when you go wipe it all off, it leaves residue on your lips and it feels really weird. [I shall make an exception for Maybelline¬† Shine Sensational. If you are going to buy lip gloss, buy that. It is lovely.] And lipstick is OK, but it can come off easily. Plus I’m just not really into it.

Yesterday I invested in Covergirl’s Outlast Lip stain, and let me tell you. That stuff is a miracle! I just wanted something that gave me color without the thick pigment of lipstick and the stick of lip gloss. And I got it! I bought Flrity Nude. I plan on buying more colors to wear when I go to performances or parties and what not. That there is the lipstain. The fourth one down is the color I bought, and it isn’t orange. Just so you know.And that would be the lucky lip gloss.

Do you have a lucky lip stain/lip gloss?





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