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I really do love instagram. I think it is so inspiring. Here is some of my photography, because I’m bored. Have fun, maybe follow me? IG-@jilliankalele






















































































So, there you go! I use my Canon EOS 30d on most of them.

Request my instacanvas gallery? http://instacanv.as/jilliankalele :)

Do you have an IG?


p.s. I am very upset that lucy maude left IG. I will miss her inspiration very much.


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I can’t belive how fast this summer has gone by. I can still remember the last day of school, I even remember what I wore.  Now, I’m headed for 10th grade, and I want this year to be totally different from last year.  I didn’t do too well in math last year, in fact, I have to take it again this year. [Algebra…eww…]  But I don’t just want my grades to be different. I want my attitude to be different. I want my expirience to be different. I want my look to be different. I want my vibe to be different. So, here are some things that I have been doing to change myself mentally and physically. :]

1. I’ve decided to try and find the good in everyone and everything.  I try to be a positive person anyway, but I think I can do a better job.

2. I have put together a playlist of all happy songs! Excluding songs that remind me of past friendships, relashonships, etc. This will [Hopefully!] help me start the year on a happier note.

3.  I went and deleted people on my Facebook that post depressing things. That way, I don’t need to look at the things they post.

4. I have been spraying my bed sheets with my favorite Bath&BodyWorks body spray, Forever Sunshine I love smelling like sunshine, it makes me feel like I am glowing. :]

5. I have been trimming my split ends every day, and I have been using damage repair serum. Fabulous hair is one more thing that I can be totally confident about this year!

6. I have decided to brave it out and wear leggings this year. If 70 year old women can wear them with confidence, why can’t I?

7.  I go on nightly walks, now. I think walking in the dark makes me feel cool, or lame, I don’t know. But I like it.

8.  I’ve stopped shaving my armpits!!! YEAH!!!! …I’m totally kidding. That is another thing; I’m trying to be funnier. Tell me if I’m not funny.

9. I’m reading happy, feel-good books now. Nothing depresssing and what not.

10. I am gooing to stop obsessing with my weight [in which I have come to the conclusion that my weight is totally normal.  I’m not even fat, I’m just a teenage girl, and I guess I need to grow up a little bit…]

11. I am horrible when it comes to writing Thank you’s. This year, I am going to write them. And not just for presents. This will be for teachers, family members, friends, you name it, I will write. I figure that its a better thing to do. 

What do you plan on doing this school year?



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