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High school girls are always like “Why doesn’t anyone like me? D:”.

One major reason why someone probably doesn’t like you is the fact that you don’t smile enough. Seriously, think about it. If you are always walking around looking like you want to shank someone, then people are probably going to think you really want to shank someone. 

Wouldn’t you much rather walk by a person who is smiling? Or at least “smizing”? [I just quoted Tyra Banks. Not sure if I spelled it right.] I would. Any girl or boy is so much easier to confront if they smile more. 

So tomorrow, or Monday, or whenever, take a gander at the people you walk past, and ask yourself if you would go up to them and talk to them. If you wouldn’t, they probably weren’t smiling. Or you just don’t like them. Whatever. 

Now you can go and try smiling more, because believe it or not, studies show that people who smile more actually have more friends.

Actually I have no idea, I don’t even know if anyone has done a study on it. 




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I have nine followers.

You guys are so fabulous. :]

I feel like a celebrity.

I love you all with a burning passion.



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It really sucks, when you leave your house, thinking “oh, no one is going to see me.” then you run into your boss. Or your ex boyfriend.  Or someone you wish didn’t see you looking like you just woke up.

Here are some ways to avoid this fiasco.

1. Never leave the house without your hair brushed. This may seem simple, but some people, I mean, wow. Brush your hair.

2. Don’t leave the house wearing pajamas and/or house slippers. Ever.

3. I would never leave the house without at least wearing mascara and lip gloss. Not that hard.

4. Class up and outfit: put on pearls.

5. I would advise to brush your teeth. Or at least chew gum. Or something.

6. If your wearing a shirt with a stain and you don’t feel like changing it, put on a scarf.

7. Spray yourself with body spray.

8. Bad hair day? Wear a headband.

9. If you haven’t done your nails, and you don’t like them, wear leather gloves. Or fake leather gloves.

10. Don’t go around with headphones in your ears. This may seem like a good way to avoid people, but it’s just rude.

A lot of this may be common sense, but still. You never know.



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You walk on to campus with your best friend, Starbucks in one hand, your schedule in the other.  You see a bunch of people grouped off into separate areas in the quad. It’s probably the first day of school. Probably high school. Which, you know, isn’t that bad at all. I walked onto campus today all freaked out and nervous, but after I walked into my first period, [ADV English, :)] I was like, wow. I got this.  Strangley enough, I love all of my classes. English, World History, Algebra, Show Choir, Student Govt., and Biology. So far, I like all of my teachers, but teachers are never what they’re like in the beginning of the year. It makes me wonder what really goes on in their heads. Like, why would grown men and women WANT to be around hundreds of teenagers everyday? I guess that makes them kind of cool. I guess. Putting up with us an what not. I haven’t quite developed the skill of patience, so I look at my teachers, and I’m totally shocked. I could never have to listen to me all day. Remember how in elementary school, we would play little weird games like “body guard”, and “spies”? [Well, body guard was for the cool kids…not me…] It’s funny to think how in high school, we still play games. Kinds of games that we are going to look back on and go wow. I was so young and immature, I can’t believe I did that. So the moral of the story is: Do a bunch of stupid things in high school so that you have something to laugh at in the future.  Except don’t drink. Or do drugs. That is too stupid. Just be a little on the weird side, and step out of your comfort zone. I bet it”s worth it. :] p.s. I was serious about the drinking and drug abuse thing…I can’t tell you how many people I know who have ruined their lives because of that stuff. And I’m only 15. p.p.s. Love youu,<3 xoxo j

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I can’t belive how fast this summer has gone by. I can still remember the last day of school, I even remember what I wore.  Now, I’m headed for 10th grade, and I want this year to be totally different from last year.  I didn’t do too well in math last year, in fact, I have to take it again this year. [Algebra…eww…]  But I don’t just want my grades to be different. I want my attitude to be different. I want my expirience to be different. I want my look to be different. I want my vibe to be different. So, here are some things that I have been doing to change myself mentally and physically. :]

1. I’ve decided to try and find the good in everyone and everything.  I try to be a positive person anyway, but I think I can do a better job.

2. I have put together a playlist of all happy songs! Excluding songs that remind me of past friendships, relashonships, etc. This will [Hopefully!] help me start the year on a happier note.

3.  I went and deleted people on my Facebook that post depressing things. That way, I don’t need to look at the things they post.

4. I have been spraying my bed sheets with my favorite Bath&BodyWorks body spray, Forever Sunshine I love smelling like sunshine, it makes me feel like I am glowing. :]

5. I have been trimming my split ends every day, and I have been using damage repair serum. Fabulous hair is one more thing that I can be totally confident about this year!

6. I have decided to brave it out and wear leggings this year. If 70 year old women can wear them with confidence, why can’t I?

7.  I go on nightly walks, now. I think walking in the dark makes me feel cool, or lame, I don’t know. But I like it.

8.  I’ve stopped shaving my armpits!!! YEAH!!!! …I’m totally kidding. That is another thing; I’m trying to be funnier. Tell me if I’m not funny.

9. I’m reading happy, feel-good books now. Nothing depresssing and what not.

10. I am gooing to stop obsessing with my weight [in which I have come to the conclusion that my weight is totally normal.  I’m not even fat, I’m just a teenage girl, and I guess I need to grow up a little bit…]

11. I am horrible when it comes to writing Thank you’s. This year, I am going to write them. And not just for presents. This will be for teachers, family members, friends, you name it, I will write. I figure that its a better thing to do. 

What do you plan on doing this school year?



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I just did a post on the things that really irritate me, so I figured I should balance it out with the things that I love.  Be nice.

1. The taste of saltwater. 2. Long road trips. 3. Neutral Colours. 4. Discovery Channel. 5. Red Tootsie Pops. 6. Cute little towns. 7. Thrift Stores. 8. Vintage Phones. 9. Lace. 10. Teal eyeliner. 11. Classic Rock. 12. My Ethnicity. 13. Trees. 14. Facebook. 15. Photography. 16. The color of the sky at Dawn. 17. Seventeen Magazine. 18. Love. 19. People that smile. 20. My mom. 21. My Schwinn Beach Cruiser. 22. Cleaning my room. 23. Hello Kitty. 24. Nail Polish. 25. Nail Files. 26. Project Runway. 27. Ribbon. 28. Handwritten letters. 29. Traveling. 30. Everybody who read this post.

What do you love?



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I’ve actually been working on this piece for a while. What I’ve been doing is writing down things that irritate me as I see things. Before hand, I would like to say, I mean absolutely no offense to anybody out there. <3

1.Algebra. 2. Avocados. 3.Bad Breath. 5. Broken Streetlights. 6. Chipped Nail Polish. 7. Crooked Lines. 8. Wet Seats. 9. Mustard Yellow. 10. Flat Basketballs. 11. Obnoxious Middle Schoolers. 12. Handrails. 13. Teenage Drivers. 14. Sour Apples. 15. Smog. 16. Public Bathrooms. 17. Public Phones. 18. Orange Juice. 19. Birds. 20. Hairy Feet. 21. The Wind. 22. Tar. 23. Freeway Dividers. 24. Highlighters That Smear. 25. Uneven PonyTails . 26. Girls With Drama. 27. Scratched CD’s. 28. People That Cuss In Public/Front  of Old People. 29. People That Brag. 30. People That Don’t Know How to Spell. 31. People That Pop Balloons. 32. PPL THT TXT LYK DIS. 33.  People That Litter.

HA so yeah. There you have it. I’m sure the majority of you get irritated with some of these as well. Stay tuned for the things that I love!

Do you get  irritated by some of this?



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