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     When we were in elementary school, St. Patrick’s Day was reserved for pinching. I’m not quite sure why we did this, but I think it was for the sheer joy of pinching someone. For me, St. Patrick’s day is now for making a cute fashion statement without looking like a leprechaun. Since green is a really strong color, keep in mind that you want to use it in moderation. For instance, you could go with a cute pair of green flats and an amazing green clutch, or wear a fabulous green skirt with muted accents. Here are some of my ideas.


 This shade of green is absolutely gorgeous. I would wear this with brown corduroy pants and a pretty cream blouse. Image

Look at this clutch! It has the perfect amount gold, and the shade is really pretty. I see this with a gold-ish blouse, a knee-length black pencil skirt, and pretty black pumps. Image

I am drooling over these flats. I am a avid flat-wearer, and I would spend a lot of money for these shoes. How do I see these being worn? Dark-washed cropped jeans, a coral blouse, and silver jewelry. 


After typing “green skirt” in the search engine, I was doubtful that I would find a perfect green skirt. I found one. This outfit is completely darling, and I intend on finding something similar to this very soon.


If you want to make major impact without using much effort, wear a pair of emerald studs. Put your hair up into a messy-bun, wing your liner, wear pink lip gloss, and stick these in your lobes. Voila! 


If you plan on painting your nails, do them a dark emerald. It is rich in color and looks really pretty when you stare at your thumbs while texting. 

I hope that everyone has a fabulous St. Patricks’s day, and don’t forget that you can look super cute without looking like you tried too hard to be festive. 




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Here, I have a tutorial for those of you who sew things for yourselves, but either you don’t have a dress form, or you don’t have the money for one. To make a really great, eco-friendly dress form, you are going to need duct tape, scissors, old newspapers/plastic bags, and a t-shirt that you don’t use anymore. Optional supplies include a wooden pole and a 5 gallon water jug.

step 1. Put on your t-shirt, and pull it all the way down. Start with a strip of tape just under your bust, then make an X across the chest. step 2. Continue to to tape up your body. Go across your back, abdomen and shoulders. Keep on pulling down your shirt to avoid wrinkles.step 3. Have a friend [in this case my mommy] cut down your back, then slip out of the shell.  At this point you might want to put on clothes. :]step 4. This is where you tape up the back again, and make sure  you line the two sides up together. step 5. Now, start stuffing the inside of your body with newspapers or plastic bags. Make sure you get all of the little corners and especially get your breasts right. This will make a big difference. Step 6. Now, patch up the arm holes and neck hole, and there you go!

step 7. [optional] Next, get a wooden pole and stick it up through the bottom of the body.

step 8. Now put the pole in the opening of a 5 gallon water jug filled with sand/coins/pebbles and duct tape the pole to the jug. Wala! The [sideways] finished product:There you go! Pretty smashing cool.

Do you have any questions?



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