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Last weekend I took a trip to the Glendale Galleria and there was this amazing sale at bcbgeneration, so I took advantage of it. I bought two things, but I have gotten plenty of use out of them already. Thing one!

A leather bracelet that says “Fierce”. It was 18 dollars, so I had to get it. PLUS its rose gold, which I love, so it gave me another reason to buy it.

Thing two!

A red tee that says, in very small writing, “Bruised, Not Broken” .  This was 25 dollars. I am going to wear it with leggings and a black studded motorcycle jacket, and flats.

So there. Not really a fashion haul, but I like them. I think they’re super cute.

Do you take advantage of sales?



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Right now, I am obsessing over studded shorts. Seeing them all over instagram makes the obsession even worse. Aren’t they just SO cute? I know that most of them were handmade, and I know you can buy them on etsy. I just thought I would share a load of cute pictures for others to drool over. 

I think the first pair below is entirely too short but still cute.

okay, so there. I plan on making a pair because I love them too much not to.

By the way, how have you guys been? I haven’t posted in months, school was hectic and summer has been very busy.

Do you like studded shorts? :)


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Leopard print: my new obsession. When I see leopard print, I envision a white blouse, red lipstick, winged liner, and a curly updo. This print is so classic, and when used properly, it can make a simple outfit absolutely glam.

I like that this scarf is really bulky, and the fact that her hair is up makes it perfect.

YSL scarf. Swoon.

I love these flats. The red accent is such a great idea! I would shrink the bow-ish-thing  down a couple sizes, but I love the concept.

There are so many gorgeous leopard print clutches an purses out there, but I decided to choose this Zara clutch. I really  like the proportions. (The placement of the flap, the button, etc.)

Is it totally lame that I put an umbrella on here? No. No it isn’t. I think that this would look really fab with a red trench and black jeans. Yeah.

What do you envision when you see leopard print?




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     When we were in elementary school, St. Patrick’s Day was reserved for pinching. I’m not quite sure why we did this, but I think it was for the sheer joy of pinching someone. For me, St. Patrick’s day is now for making a cute fashion statement without looking like a leprechaun. Since green is a really strong color, keep in mind that you want to use it in moderation. For instance, you could go with a cute pair of green flats and an amazing green clutch, or wear a fabulous green skirt with muted accents. Here are some of my ideas.


 This shade of green is absolutely gorgeous. I would wear this with brown corduroy pants and a pretty cream blouse. Image

Look at this clutch! It has the perfect amount gold, and the shade is really pretty. I see this with a gold-ish blouse, a knee-length black pencil skirt, and pretty black pumps. Image

I am drooling over these flats. I am a avid flat-wearer, and I would spend a lot of money for these shoes. How do I see these being worn? Dark-washed cropped jeans, a coral blouse, and silver jewelry. 


After typing “green skirt” in the search engine, I was doubtful that I would find a perfect green skirt. I found one. This outfit is completely darling, and I intend on finding something similar to this very soon.


If you want to make major impact without using much effort, wear a pair of emerald studs. Put your hair up into a messy-bun, wing your liner, wear pink lip gloss, and stick these in your lobes. Voila! 


If you plan on painting your nails, do them a dark emerald. It is rich in color and looks really pretty when you stare at your thumbs while texting. 

I hope that everyone has a fabulous St. Patricks’s day, and don’t forget that you can look super cute without looking like you tried too hard to be festive. 



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Mobile Love

I have to do a book report for english, and I am going to do a mobile. So I looked up “cute mobile ideas” on google and this is what came up. And now I guess I have to make all of them. :]

This is my new room project. It looks like paper taped to the wall! Its GENIUS!!!

To do: Go to thrift store, buy a book, cut out hearts. Make mobile. lovelovelove.

This one here looks like its going to take a lot of time. Butterfly die-cuts and lots of ribbon. Fishing line. oohhh.

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So I love watching movies/shows that have very attractive guys. What can I say? I’m 15.  So, in no particular order, here you go :]

1. Alex Pettyfer. The I am Number Four star absolutely amazes me.




  2. Ashton Kutcher. With dozens of movies and That 70’s Show, there’s always more of him to watch. And he is aging very nicely.




  3. Josh Duhamel. He made me fall in love in Win a Date With Tad Hamilton! and When In Rome. And he is  very great eye candy in Transformers. He doesn’t do many movies, but when he does, they are really fab.




  4. Milo Ventimiglia. The Heroes star never left me for every episode of all four seasons. Peter Petrelli is my favorite super hero.




  5. Patrick Dempsy. ’nuff said.





  6. Tom Sturridge. The main  character in Waiting For Forever made my heart melt. I cried a lot in that movie.




Who do you think is attractive?



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