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      Not only is Lauren Conrad a great actress and author, she has incredible style. Whatever she wears, she makes it look so effortless and yet she looks so gorgeous. Whether the outfit is an pair of flats, jeans, and a white tee or a beautiful floral skirt, she looks classy and put together.


I love that blue dress.


That Chanel purse is gorgeous, and I love the gray oxford in the first outfit.


This is so effortlessly cool! The jeans are so dark and the white tee is so crisp. I love how she matched the brown belt and her bag just perfectly, and kept the shoes neutral.

The skirt is (properly) the focal point of this look. Everything is perfect. And I think we all know that her legs are fabulous.

Whatever she is wearing, she looks amazing. I have a feeling she really likes blue and black together, and they look great on her.

So, there you go. I would wear everything that Lauren Conrad wears, and for the most part, I feel as if we have the same style. But I envy her wardrobe.

Happy Saturday!




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Sew Cool :]

Let me start with this: I don’t like those new skirts that have the visible black elastic band. Personally, I think it looks totally sloppy and not put-together. With that being said, I am now totally into making my own skirts, since I find it hard to find pretty and full skirts without an elastic band. With the help of my mom, of course, AND my DIY dress form,  I have started to make my own skirts.  The best part is that it costs about a third of what other skirts cost! I just go into Joann’s and BOOM! there’s tons of fabric. It makes me wonder why more girls don’t do it, you know?  You won’t have to see some other girl walking around at school with the same skirt as you, and you have the ability to say, ” Thanks! I made it.” Believe me, VERY FEW teen girls these days have ever even walked into Joann’s willingly, much less touched a sewing machine. So go ahead and try it out! There are loads of different patterns and fabrics you can choose from. All you have to do is set your mind to it. :]

Did you read my DIY dress form post?



p.s. Thanks a bunch for reading this :]

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Chances are, you have some clothes that you don’t use, just sitting in your closet.  There are some really good ways that you do to keep them alive.

The easiest thing you can do is take your clothes to a local thrift store. Most thrift stores accept donations on a daily basis, but you might want to call ahead, just to make sure. Also, if you have anyone that you trust with your clothes, you can always give them some hand-me-downs! I love giving my clothes to my little cousins, and they love receiving them.

If you think you can get some money for your clothes, take them to a consignment store! Just make sure they don’t have any rips or tears, and absolutely NO stains, that way you have better chances of them buying things. Another great and fun way to get some money for your clothes is to sign up for your local rummage sales. Chances are, someone is going to buy at least one thing.

When you do all of this, remember that not everyone has the same taste as you, so don’t be disappointed if no one buys anything from you.  You are unique. (:

Do you like hand-me-downs?


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