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For the last four years, I have been faithfully purchasing Seventeen Magazine every month and reading each issue over and over until they were memorized. Each time I looked at the fashion section, I thought, “When am I ever going to wear that?!”, but still thinking that since it was Seventeen, so of course it HAD to be amazing.  Taking a closer look at every issue, they LOVE to mix different things. For example, they really press mixing prints. Which is totally fine! I love mixing prints. But they take it to a new extreme. To be honest, I have never worn anything relatively close to any of their outfits, as most of them are sort of outrageous.

Don’t get me wrong, I love when they talk DIY and have new hairstyles and new ways to wear your clothes. But something about it, I’m not sure. I think I’m moving on to “older” magazines. Hello, Lucky, Marie Claire and In Style! I feel these help me more with my fashion, as I like more timeless pieces rather than the latest, of-the-moment style tips that Seventeen provides.

Thank you, Seventeen. You got me started on my fashion obsession, and I will always love you for that. Sadly, I think I’m growing up, therefore I am moving on.

I think I might have made that more emotional than I needed to. But you guys catch my drift.

Happy Monday! [Not.]





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Revlon Product Review

Yesterday, I invested in Revlon nail varnish in Fashionista. It goes on smoothly, has great pigment, and I love the color. I recommend it. :]

[$4.99 at Walgreens]

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One week ago today, I started drinking more water than usual. I am up to four cups of water a day, and this detox has been really great for me.

My skin has cleared up a lot, and I feel more hydrated than usual. I’m also eating less because I’m so full of water, therefore I’ve dropped a couple pounds.

I’m also doing hydrotherapy whilst I’m showering, alternating between hot water and cold water. [Hydrotherapy is a method of healing illness and pain, usually helping the immune system] I strongly recommend hydrotherapy, especially since its something you can do on your own and you don’t have to buy anything.

Also, taking cold showers can help your skin, because cold water helps your skin stay moisturized. Also, rinsing your hair in cold water stimulates the follicles to grow faster.

SO go drink some water!!!



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I washed my makeup brushes today. Here’s how I did it.

Step 1-Gather up all of your brushes. [blush, concealer, foundation, eyeshadow, the works.]

Step 2-Gather up a shampoo or face wash to use. Try to use one that lathers up really easily.

Step 3-One brush at a time, wash it with shampoo. Gently squeeze from root to tip several times.

Step 4-When your done washing them, rinse them off with warm water until the water turns clear. Make sure that you hold the bristles downward, so that the water

Step 5-After you’re done, place them flat on a towel. Do not place them upright.

Even though many of us never get to it, you should wash your brushes at least once a week. Especially your eyeliner brushes and foundation brushes, because they collect loads bacteria from your eyes and blemishes.

So, there you have it! I was pretty pleased with the outcome. I hope you are as well.

Happy Tuesday!



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My best friend has beautiful hair, and she told me about this idea a while back. I thought I would share it with you.


1. The satin helps reduce breakage, thus eliminating many split ends.

2. Cotton pillowcases tend to make your hair flat as you sleep. [Or worse, make it dented and weird looking.] Satin pillowcases keep the shape and volume of your hair.

I know that there’s only two, but come on. Both of them are pretty important, and why not just change one thing in your life to benefit something as important as your hair?

happy friday,



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So I have really bad acne on my nose. Nowhere else, just my nose. So for years, I would buy those pore cleaning nose strips from the store, spending up to 10 dollars for just eight strips. Since I’m only 15 and I don’t have a job, I needed to find another way to clear my nose without spending so much money. The secret? Glue! Yes, non-toxic school glue.

I use a Q-Tip to spread a thin layer of the glue onto my nose, let it dry, and peel it off. This sounds really gross, I know, but it works just as well as the nose strips. Personally, I think it works a little better, because the glue can get closer to your pores than the paper strip can.

From my experience, I can say that this is totally safe. Just make sure you use non-toxic glue, and that you take all of it off.

So there you have it! No more spending loads of moolah on paper nose strips, just spend 3 dollars on a bottle of glue that’ll last you months.

Happy Sunday!



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It really sucks, when you leave your house, thinking “oh, no one is going to see me.” then you run into your boss. Or your ex boyfriend.  Or someone you wish didn’t see you looking like you just woke up.

Here are some ways to avoid this fiasco.

1. Never leave the house without your hair brushed. This may seem simple, but some people, I mean, wow. Brush your hair.

2. Don’t leave the house wearing pajamas and/or house slippers. Ever.

3. I would never leave the house without at least wearing mascara and lip gloss. Not that hard.

4. Class up and outfit: put on pearls.

5. I would advise to brush your teeth. Or at least chew gum. Or something.

6. If your wearing a shirt with a stain and you don’t feel like changing it, put on a scarf.

7. Spray yourself with body spray.

8. Bad hair day? Wear a headband.

9. If you haven’t done your nails, and you don’t like them, wear leather gloves. Or fake leather gloves.

10. Don’t go around with headphones in your ears. This may seem like a good way to avoid people, but it’s just rude.

A lot of this may be common sense, but still. You never know.



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