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I really do love instagram. I think it is so inspiring. Here is some of my photography, because I’m bored. Have fun, maybe follow me? IG-@jilliankalele






















































































So, there you go! I use my Canon EOS 30d on most of them.

Request my instacanvas gallery? http://instacanv.as/jilliankalele :)

Do you have an IG?


p.s. I am very upset that lucy maude left IG. I will miss her inspiration very much.


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This makes me happy.




This also makes me happy.









This is so pretty!







I love these colors :]






I kind of want to do this,







So yeah. I love these. I found these on the internet, I didn’t take them. I don’t have that much skill.

Do you think these are pretty?




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So I love watching movies/shows that have very attractive guys. What can I say? I’m 15.  So, in no particular order, here you go :]

1. Alex Pettyfer. The I am Number Four star absolutely amazes me.




  2. Ashton Kutcher. With dozens of movies and That 70’s Show, there’s always more of him to watch. And he is aging very nicely.




  3. Josh Duhamel. He made me fall in love in Win a Date With Tad Hamilton! and When In Rome. And he is  very great eye candy in Transformers. He doesn’t do many movies, but when he does, they are really fab.




  4. Milo Ventimiglia. The Heroes star never left me for every episode of all four seasons. Peter Petrelli is my favorite super hero.




  5. Patrick Dempsy. ’nuff said.





  6. Tom Sturridge. The main  character in Waiting For Forever made my heart melt. I cried a lot in that movie.




Who do you think is attractive?



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In no particular order, I’ve listed my all-time favorite actresses that I love. There’s Anne Hathaway! I’ve loved her since the Princess Diaries and Ella Enchanted. I am pretty sure I’ll love her acting forver!I don’t only love her because of Harry Potter. From all the bios I’ve read about her, she seems like such a down to earth person. I loved that she was the model for Burberry, and I was so upset when she wasn’t anymore! I consider her one of my role models.Oh dear. The amazing Lucille Ball. A great actress and comedian! I Love Lucy is one of my favorite shows, and I love the humor in it. It is so happy and clean.AHHHHH a great one. Sandra Bullock. The first time I ever saw her on screen was when I was very small, and she was Sally in Practical Magic.  Then came Miss Congeniality, and every time me and my sister watched it, we totally tried giving eachother makeovers. And finally, Selena Gomez. One of my other role models. I find her acting pretty much amazing. She also seems so down to earth and she hasn’t had any bad spotlight. <3

Do you have favorite actresses? -JM

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