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Here, I have a tutorial for those of you who sew things for yourselves, but either you don’t have a dress form, or you don’t have the money for one. To make a really great, eco-friendly dress form, you are going to need duct tape, scissors, old newspapers/plastic bags, and a t-shirt that you don’t use anymore. Optional supplies include a wooden pole and a 5 gallon water jug.

step 1. Put on your t-shirt, and pull it all the way down. Start with a strip of tape just under your bust, then make an X across the chest. step 2. Continue to to tape up your body. Go across your back, abdomen and shoulders. Keep on pulling down your shirt to avoid wrinkles.step 3. Have a friend [in this case my mommy] cut down your back, then slip out of the shell.  At this point you might want to put on clothes. :]step 4. This is where you tape up the back again, and make sure  you line the two sides up together. step 5. Now, start stuffing the inside of your body with newspapers or plastic bags. Make sure you get all of the little corners and especially get your breasts right. This will make a big difference. Step 6. Now, patch up the arm holes and neck hole, and there you go!

step 7. [optional] Next, get a wooden pole and stick it up through the bottom of the body.

step 8. Now put the pole in the opening of a 5 gallon water jug filled with sand/coins/pebbles and duct tape the pole to the jug. Wala! The [sideways] finished product:There you go! Pretty smashing cool.

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Extreme Thinking

For those of you who are can’t pay their water bills, or are just extremely green, I had a vision today. I went to the pool, and checked out the showers. I was like wow. This is so great for people who don’t feel like paying for water. Maybe I should start doing this.

So yeah :] I thought I would share my thoughts. Do with them what you will. xoxoxxxo


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Chances are, you have some clothes that you don’t use, just sitting in your closet.  There are some really good ways that you do to keep them alive.

The easiest thing you can do is take your clothes to a local thrift store. Most thrift stores accept donations on a daily basis, but you might want to call ahead, just to make sure. Also, if you have anyone that you trust with your clothes, you can always give them some hand-me-downs! I love giving my clothes to my little cousins, and they love receiving them.

If you think you can get some money for your clothes, take them to a consignment store! Just make sure they don’t have any rips or tears, and absolutely NO stains, that way you have better chances of them buying things. Another great and fun way to get some money for your clothes is to sign up for your local rummage sales. Chances are, someone is going to buy at least one thing.

When you do all of this, remember that not everyone has the same taste as you, so don’t be disappointed if no one buys anything from you.  You are unique. (:

Do you like hand-me-downs?


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It’s all the little things that we can do to change the world for the better. I’ve constructed a list that you can follow to help make the world a betterr place. (:

The Little Things:

1. It isn’t that hard to make a separate container to collect your bottles and cans.

2. There are TONS of cute recycled bags you can use at the store! If you don’t use these, then you can reuse the plastic or paper bags that you collect from the grocery store.

3. I have seen lots of different kinds of reusable bottles. I’ve also seen reusable coffee mugs.  Both of which are a growing trend and inexpensive, so it’s sort of a win-win-win if you use them instead of plastic cups or bottles.

4. For my 13th birthday, my [amazing] parents bought me a green Schwinn. I named her Lucy. I love my bike! It’s stylish, classic, and great to ride! Not to mention a fun way to exercise. If you live in a place where you can get places by bike, you should try it!

5. “Save some for the fish.” My mom will tell this to my sister and I if our showers are too long. Try to cut back your showers by at least five minutes! It makes a difference!

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