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Mobile Love

I have to do a book report for english, and I am going to do a mobile. So I looked up “cute mobile ideas” on google and this is what came up. And now I guess I have to make all of them. :]

This is my new room project. It looks like paper taped to the wall! Its GENIUS!!!

To do: Go to thrift store, buy a book, cut out hearts. Make mobile. lovelovelove.

This one here looks like its going to take a lot of time. Butterfly die-cuts and lots of ribbon. Fishing line. oohhh.


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Look! Wow! I can’t believe I found these. I love these, don’t you? Owls! Yes! I mean, why can’t there be more cute little handmade earrings for 2.50 a pop? I mean COME ON! All of the pieces are really good quality, too. And look at the stamp in the background. Two owls, and it says “Whoo-La-La”. I just thought I wold share this with you guys. :]

How was your Tuesday? Not too shabby?





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I made a list of things I probably didnt need in the first place, but I love anyway.I probably DIDN’T need five stretchy rings…but…I love them. And I wear them with everything.I probably DIDN’T need all this stationary…seeing as I don’t use it…but you never know! I might write a thank you!Okay…so I NEEDED this one. It was only 10 cents. Gotta love the rummage sales.I probably DIDN”T need half of this nail polish…but I love it. I even categorized it by color, you see? (:I probably didn’t need this bracelet…but it is so cute. And I couldn’t resist.

I will probably buy more of all of this because I’m crazy about it.

Are there things you’re crazy about? Any questions on where I got all this stuff I don’t need? Leave a comment! ciao!


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I bought these from a craft fair a while back and I just found them!!That is supposed to be holiday themed.And that would be Thanksgiving themed.

Do you make cutsie bookmarks?


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Today, I woke up early, got dressed, did my makeup, and realized that there was nowhere to go. So, to keep myself busy, I busted out my camera and my scrapbook supplies and messed around a bit…here’s the damage.


Ahh the vintage suitcases! Gotta love the thrift store! I tie my scarves to them so they dont get tangled and what not.

It turns out  my roses are blooming after all! I thought that surely the deer would eat the buds.

And that be my stamp mess. I had a smashing good time.

Top View!

I got in touch with my crafty side again. Not too shabby, right? (:

I certainly plan on having more days like this.


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