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Right now, I am obsessing over studded shorts. Seeing them all over instagram makes the obsession even worse. Aren’t they just SO cute? I know that most of them were handmade, and I know you can buy them on etsy. I just thought I would share a load of cute pictures for others to drool over. 

I think the first pair below is entirely too short but still cute.

okay, so there. I plan on making a pair because I love them too much not to.

By the way, how have you guys been? I haven’t posted in months, school was hectic and summer has been very busy.

Do you like studded shorts? :)



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There's No Place Like . . . Fashion.

Abercrombie Fitch vintage top
$48 – abercrombie.com

Floral shorts
$15 – delias.com

Dorothy Perkins pink shorts
10 – dorothyperkins.com

Dorothy Perkins wingtip oxford
10 – dorothyperkins.com

CC SKYE yellow gold bracelet
125 – oxygenboutique.com

Straw hat
$7.97 – tillys.com

Angel Wings jewelry
$115 – itsthenewblack.com.au

So, does anyone else think that this is absolutely fabulous?!?
Happy Tuesday!

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I don’t really want a lot this week. I haven’t gone out or seen anythings, anyway. But I figure I don’t always need to want something. :]I  want this so bad…my friend has one like it and I just might steal it from her…




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Here are my wants of this week in August:


1. The new iPod nano. I just recently broke my iTouch, [SAD FACE.] so I think I might need something less…huge? Or something? I don’t know.



   2. The banana phone. [via urban outfitters] It plugs into your cellular device, so that you can talk into a banana. I love it.





3. Pretty coffee mugs. [via Pier 1 Imports] I love the colors of these mugs, and I think I just might buy some for myself.




4. Look at this. It’s an owl. I have a new obsession with owls, as you will quickly learn.





What do you want this week?






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I Want It-Week One

“want” Is the 2nd most used word in my vocabulary, the first being “I”.[not really] So I’ve decided to start a category on what I want on a weekly basis and share it with you.

1. Sephora Brush Wand Convertible eye makeup brushes. I saw this in my new People Style Watch and I thought to myself, ooh. I want it. Since I have so many different brushes, it would be so convenient to buy one!

I want it.


  2. Eos wet/dry Shave cream. I just ran out of mine, so I obviously need some more. If you want some too, check out my post in Your Beauty Fixation to read up on it.

I want it.


  3. I was checking my e-mail [which I check every day so you might as well e-mail me] today and looked at the Coach website. With school coming up, I guess I need a new one! Oh come on, mom. It’s only 278 dollars. :]

I want it.


So there you have it. I want all of that.

What do you want?



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