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Isn’t this cute?

Silence. Shh.

Polka dot top

Oasis striped top
30 – oasis-stores.com

Dorothy Perkins short shorts
7 – dorothyperkins.com

Dolce Vita high heel boots
$110 – needsupply.com

Luv Aj rose gold jewelry
107 – kabiri.co.uk

Missoni scarve
€190 – luisaviaroma.com
Props to my sister, who created this!
happy wednesday!


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There's No Place Like . . . Fashion.

Abercrombie Fitch vintage top
$48 – abercrombie.com

Floral shorts
$15 – delias.com

Dorothy Perkins pink shorts
10 – dorothyperkins.com

Dorothy Perkins wingtip oxford
10 – dorothyperkins.com

CC SKYE yellow gold bracelet
125 – oxygenboutique.com

Straw hat
$7.97 – tillys.com

Angel Wings jewelry
$115 – itsthenewblack.com.au

So, does anyone else think that this is absolutely fabulous?!?
Happy Tuesday!

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So, I have been in school for 3 weeks. To tell you the truth, it’s gone by reaally fast. So have all of my pre-concieved outfit ideas, my totally relaxed summer persona, and my clear skin.

Last week, I started getting stress pimples. I feel like throwing something at a brick wall. I never got pimples during the summer. Stupid sleep.

Lately, my tolerance level is so low, that I feel like I need to lock myself in my room for like a decade and never come out unless Sara Bareilles comes and serenades me outside my door. THEN I’ll come out.

You know how when you wear a really cute statement piece, [Patterned Skirt, Bold Necklace, Sequin Blouse, etc.] and you get showered with compliments? And your afraid if you wear it again, people will notice and be like “eew, she already wore that…”? Well. Thats how I feel. I mean, it’s totally not what happens, but that’s just what goes on in my head. I’m weird. SO anyway, I need to search in the depths of my brain [or my closet] to figure out new ways to wear things without looking like a tourist. You know?

So again, I’m sorry for the week hiatus, shoutout to Savannah from T-town! She actually reads this stuff. :]

How was your weekend?



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I am beginning to write random music lyrics. Not complete songs, just random stanzas. I thought I would share them with the world, and see if they’re any good.

“You held my heart in your greedy hand

You crushed it, turned to sand,

Please, release me from these invisible chains,

Let me rest from these aches and pains.”


“You were the hand that pulled me to my feet,

You were so strong, so real, so sweet,

Made me feel something I’d never felt before,

But it all stopped once you closed the door.”


“So now I sit here

and stitch up my broken heart,

You tore it right in half,

Pulled it all apart.”


“You were an emotional terrorist,

A con artist of the heart,

Threw at me your lying fist,

And watched me fall apart.”


“It was like running with scissors.,

And playing with matches,

I knew there was a sickness,

But I wouldn’t catch it.”


“I’ll just keep on breathing,

To make sure I’m alive,

I’ll just listen to my heart,

And breathe in before I take another dive.”


“I think about you all the time,

You fill my brain and flood my mind,

I can’t function, my eyes can’t see,

Anything but you and me.”

There’s some of them! Please, pretty please, don’t take them. I worked really hard on them. And If you do, please give me the credit. Thanks, Lovelies. :]

What do you think?




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